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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

Through our cutting edge technologies we are able to monitor your brand’s online reputation by mining social signals and converting them into actionable insights.
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Setup & Custom Profile Design
  • Social Media Contests

Professional Tools for Your Business

Take control of your brand image online as you discover the who, what, when, where and why of online conversations surrounding your brand.

Brand Monitoring

Find out what content your audience finds engaging? Who are the ones driving conversations about your brand in social media? Where are these conversations taking place?

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Social Media Contests

Engage your customers through social media by creating online pools and contests.

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Social Media Management

Be active on your social media platforms, quick response to customers.

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Setup & Custom Profile Design

Have a stunning social account profile that will interest and attract people to your brand.

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Social Media Automation

Schedule messages to go out on Facebook, Twitter and all your other social profiles. Why not time this to publish simultaneously with a product launch or communications campaign? No need to log into multiple accounts. We can handle all of this from one dashboard.

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Marketing Insights

How many mentions has your brand gotten across your various social media assets? What are the demographics of these mentions? Which stories are trending online? What is being said about your brand and competitor brands in your country?

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Social Media Promotion

We have the right processes and technologies to present your brand best on the internet
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Do you want to appear on googles first page? Then let us do that for you at best price in the market.
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Our Customers Say

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We were referred to Buggle Labs from colleagues of ours in London. Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of understanding on many different business models, we found ourselves working with a team of friends.
Pastor Lawrence
Pastor Lawrence
Founder G.O. Rok Chapel
When we decided to create our company, our vision was to bring to life a website that didn’t look like a website. We were thrilled when we found the Buggle Labs team. They took our vision and made it come to life. Buggle Labs is with no doubt the best design company I ever worked with. I will come back again.
Mr Vishal
Mr Vishal
General Manager
They are a first-rate and high level design agency that we will be working with closely in the years to come.
Abdul Hanan
Abdul Hanan
Media - Founder of Accra Mails

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